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Cockroaches are known to contaminate food, secrete an unpleasant odor and cause respiratory irritation, and as such, they are considered by most homeowners and entomologists to be one of the worst household pests! Many individuals develop severe allergies to these insects. Allergens present in the feces of cockroaches can become airborne, and the allergens are then inhaled from the air or ingested when in contact with food. 

Senate Termite and Pest Control’s mission is to keep your family healthy and safe from pest invaders, so call us to address the problem efficiently — and affordably.

Inspection Services for a Cockroach Problem

In our region, we often deal with infestations of German cockroaches, a species that frequents spots around the home with excess moisture. Signs of these cockroaches can appear even in residences with good sanitation practices. An experienced technician at Senate Pest Control can make the proper identification for you and develop a customized plan, but if you’re still trying to determine the nature of your issue, check for cockroach signs like these:

  • Unpleasant odor: Cockroaches emit a musty, moldy smell that intensifies with the size of the infestation and the longer it goes on. The odor of a dead, decaying cockroach in the home is just as disgusting.
  • Cockroach droppings: Cockroach feces range in appearance from small, dark cylinders to tiny coffee grounds.
  • Shed cockroach skins: The casts of cockroaches can show up by their nests and shelters.
  • Smears and stains: In moist environments, cockroaches produce brownish smear marks where they travel.

Where can you find a cockroach hiding place? Many times these pests will favor places around pipework or drainage, so investigate your kitchen cabinetry, under the sink in bathrooms and the basement. Cockroaches are flat enough to hide beneath or behind appliances such as the fridge or washing machine. They can even stow away with belongings in cardboard boxes where they feast on anything from paper to dust.

Tailored Solutions for Cockroach Control

Unfortunately, our Maryland, Washington DC and northern Virginia homes are a great breeding grounds for cockroaches. These pests spread germs and diseases through their droppings, which can be a persistent problem. Senate Termite and Pest Control offers a comprehensive cockroach control program of cockroach inspections and treatments that include sprays, dusts, baiting stations and traps. We also educate our customers on how to prevent future cockroach infestations in their homes. In some cases, you can exclude new cockroaches from getting in by patching drainage covers.

Early in the cockroach extermination process, we pin down the best approach from our examination of the site. We prioritize safe, targeted treatments only where necessary to keep your loved ones and pets out of harm’s way. Affordable pest control for you is another of our goals, so we offer green, environmentally responsible techniques at no additional charge. Ask us to be there whenever it’s convenient for you — on evenings or weekends, or as soon as we’re available.

How to Prevent Cockroach Infestations

Whether you’re dealing with a German cockroach infestation or that of another species, the best way to keep your environment unappealing to pests is proper sanitation. You can also use these tips:

  • Since cockroaches are nocturnal, don’t let dirty dishes in the sink sit there overnight, and wipe countertops and cooking surfaces daily.
  • Fix leaking pipework that provides free moisture for cockroaches to sustain themselves.
  • Clean behind appliances — pull out the stove or washing machine on occasion to keep these spaces tidy by eliminating food scraps, grease or watery films.
  • Keep a tight lid on food containers, especially wherever you store pet food.
  • Trash containers should also have a lid and be emptied regularly.


Cockroaches like to linger in dark, moist places. You can find them in drains, behind sinks and under refrigerators. If you think you could have a cockroach problem, monitor your children as these pests can cause allergies and even trigger asthmatic attacks.

If you find one cockroach, there are probably more nearby. Because of the many diseases and bacteria cockroaches carry, you must act fast. To prevent them, regularly check and clean your drains, sinks and kitchen appliances.

Contact Senate Pest Control to Eliminate Your Residential Cockroach Problem

Our pest-free guarantee is a promise we won’t quit until these gross pests are gone for good — before they contaminate your food and trigger allergies. Our team is comprised of experienced cockroach exterminators in Maryland, northern Virginia and the DC area who can quickly resolve an infestation and put fears to rest. When you need us, call us at 1-800-433-9409 or reach out online to receive a free quote and schedule a visit.

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