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We've been serving our local neighborhoods since 1991, meaning that our team understands exactly how to deal with the area's pests.

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Regardless of when pests appear, we are here to help. That's why we offer 24-hour phone lines and even provide Saturday servicing.

Pest Control in Ellicott City, MD

With Senate Termite & Pest Control, you can trust us to handle all your pest control needs in Portsmouth. Our same-day residential pest control services will help you regain control of your home, eliminating common household pests and providing you with peace of mind. 

We provide pest control services for the following insects:

  • Ants
  • Centipedes
  • Cockroaches
  • Crickets
  • Mosquitoes
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders
  • Ticks
  • And many more!
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Local Exterminator, With Local Knowledge

Discover the ultimate solution to pests in Ellicott City with our top-notch pest control services. Say goodbye to common household pests, such as ants, cockroaches, spiders, and more, with our same-day residential pest control.

Here's what sets us apart:

  • Free Inspection: Our expert technicians will thoroughly inspect your home to identify and assess any pest issues, including a comprehensive attic inspection as needed.
  • Customized Treatment: We create tailored pest removal and prevention strategies that adapt to your specific needs and target the pests plaguing your home.
  • Natural & Organic Options: Keep your family and pets safe with our organic pest control methods, which are just as effective as our traditional treatments and come at no additional cost.
  • One-Time or Recurring Treatments: Whether you need a one-time treatment or recurring services with quarterly follow-ups, we've got you covered.
  • Experienced Exterminators: Our highly trained and knowledgeable exterminators have the expertise and qualifications to deliver exceptional results every time.

Termite Exterminator in Ellicott City, MD

Termites can cause significant damage to your home, so it's important to act quickly if you suspect a termite infestation. Senate Termite & Pest Control is here to provide quick and effective termite extermination services in Ellicott City. We use advanced tools and techniques to identify and eliminate the source of the infestation.

Our termite control service includes the following:

  • Comprehensive Termite Inspection: We will uncover any hidden damage and assess the severity of the infestation.
  • Effective Treatments: Our termite treatment will get rid of termites and protect your home from further damage.
  • Family and Pet-Friendly Products: Ensuring the safety of your loved ones.
  • Ongoing termite monitoring and prevention: You can have the peace of mind knowing that your home is protected.

Bed Bug Exterminator in Ellicott City, MD

Bed bugs can be a nightmare for homeowners, but you don’t have to live with them any longer. Senate Termite & Pest Control provides quality bed bug removal services in Ellicott City, so you can get rid of bed bugs quickly and effectively. 

Our bed bug control service includes:

  • Thorough bed bug inspection to identify all affected areas and ensure no hiding spots are missed.
  • Family-friendly bed bug treatments that are safe for your loved ones and the environment.
  • Get rid of bed bugs for good with our effective and targeted extermination methods including chemical, trapping, and exclusion.
  • 60-90 day warranty on your service to ensure customer satisfaction. 
  • And more!

Mosquito Exterminator in Ellicott City, MD

Are you tired of swatting away mosquitoes every time you step outside in Ellicott City? We have the solution for you. Our mosquito control service is here to help you reclaim your outdoor spaces and enjoy them without the annoyance of buzzing and biting pests.

Here's what you can expect when you choose us:

  • Free Inspection: Our experts will thoroughly inspect your outdoor areas to identify mosquito breeding grounds and develop a targeted treatment plan.
  • Flexible Plans: We understand that every customer's needs are different. That's why we offer flexible mosquito control plans that can be tailored to fit your specific requirements and circumstances.
  • Effective Methods: Our team utilizes state-of-the-art backpack misters and granules applications on rainy days to ensure maximum effectiveness in eliminating mosquitoes from your yard.
  • Regular Treatments: Mosquitoes have a hatching cycle of approximately 21 days. That's why we provide regular servicing to break the breeding cycle and keep your yard mosquito-free throughout the season.
  • Experienced Exterminators: Our highly-trained professionals have over 30 years of experience in mosquito removal, so you can trust that we know how to get the job done right.

Rodent Exterminator in Ellicott City, MD

Are you dealing with a rodent infestation in your home? Don't worry, we've got you covered. At Senate Termite & Pest Control, we offer a comprehensive rodent control service in Ellicott City that will help you regain your peace of mind.

Here's what our service includes:

  • Free Rodent Inspection: We'll conduct a thorough inspection of your entire home, including hard-to-reach places where rodents like to hide, to assess your needs.
  • Exterior Rodent Baiting: Our experts will strategically place secured bait boxing, repellants, and other effective options to target rodents outside your home.
  • Interior Trapping: We'll set up glue traps, snap traps, and other trapping methods to eliminate stubborn rodents from the inside.
  • Rodent Exclusion: Our team will focus on preventing rats and mice from gaining access to your home by sealing entry points and conducting exclusion work.
  • Ongoing Prevention: We offer 24-hour phone lines, helpful in-person operators, and a 2-week follow-up to ensure the effectiveness of our baiting systems.
Our Guarantee

Should pests persist in between scheduled treatments, simply let us know and we'll re-service your home for no additional cost to you. That's our guarantee to you!

Satisfaction Guaranteed
5 Star Review

I like using a local business and I like when the techs are on time. Xavier was professional and pleasant while treating my house yesterday. The prices are good, especially compared to Terminix. I also liked knowing that Senate thought the sticky mousetraps were cruel, which is what I think. I will switch my termite protection to Senate so I will have all of my house services with this company. Thank you.

5 Star Review

We use Senate for all pest control needs. ALL the employees have given excellent service. We’ve been with them, since we moved to Northern Virginia four years ago. Every single time we call for service they respond immediately.

Wendy Keller
5 Star Review

I have been using Senate for 25 years and they never disappoint. They come as soon as you call if you need them for anything between inspections. I trust their work and they never try to sell you additional services unless you ask or there is a real need. The absolute BEST!!!

Rickye Durbin-Farrell
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