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Cricket Control and Infestation Services in northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC

Crickets can be really annoying. Not only do they chirp and make a lot of noise, but they can also do damage. Crickets can ruin silk, woolens, paper, rubber, and food. If you need Cricket extermination services you’ve found the right place. Senate Termite & Pest Control provides cricket extermination and cricket control services for northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC (DMV). Let our professional cricket exterminators take care of your cricket problems once and for all.

Interesting cricket facts:

  • Female crickets can lay up to 700 eggs annually.
  • Groups of crickets can destroy lawns, gardens and crop fields.
  • Crickets are able to reproduce at a rapid rate.
  • Crickets mate primarily in late summer.
  • The chirping of crickets is affected by the temperature, which increases as it gets warmer.

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