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The attic is perhaps the toughest space in the home to monitor for pests by yourself. Several insects are known to travel through tiny openings in vents and roofing to seek a suitable environment. Entire colonies can then develop, and in worst-case scenarios, the bugs will use the routes they find in the attic to invade other areas of the home.

If you’re concerned about a future attic pest infestation in your Maryland, Northern Virginia, or Washington D.C. home, you should know that Senate Pest Control provides an insulation service specifically designed to combat bugs. We make attics uninhabitable for the creatures that pose a threat to your family’s health and home. Call us today at 1-800-433-9409.

Which Pests Commonly Live in the Attic?

When our technicians perform attic inspections, they target the problems that most homeowners aren’t aware of. We look out for droppings, shed skins, dead pests and other evidence of harmful infestations. The following insects are frequently to blame:

  • Termites: The wooden construction in the attic provides free pickings for subterranean termites and the like. Their colonies eat ravenously, and with enough damage, they can destabilize your structure or create water leaks.
  • Silverfish: Though rather harmless to humans, silverfish are a bigger threat to your stored belongings in the attic. They gnaw through cardboard boxes to feed off matter, including paper, clothing, upholstery and adhesives. Silverfish even eat insulation!
  • Cockroaches: Gross and smelly, cockroaches feel right at home within the dusty and dark space of your attic. Whether they’re alive or dead, large populations of cockroaches emit a foul odor, and their feces introduce allergens and bacteria through your ventilation system.
  • Ants: Like with termites, the larger an ant infestation grows, the more damage it causes. Worker ants may travel through your ceiling and walls to contaminate your pantry’s food. The carpenter ant species will tunnel into wood to weaken your home as well.

Insulation Services for Pest and Termites

The pest-repellent attic insulation we use differs from regular insulation because of a special borate treatment — a natural insect pesticide. These loose-fill, recycled insulation fibers have particles that stick to bugs and cannot be digested properly, controlling the pest population through starvation.

Senate Pest Control can distribute this environmentally friendly, fire-retardant material over your existing insulation or into new construction. The insulation’s low toxicity levels are safe for humans and pets, and repeat treatments are unnecessary even after years of use.

The cost of applying pest control attic insulation depends on the area and thickness. Our experts will evaluate your space and energy-saving needs to generate a competitive quote for you. Over time, you’ll find the insulation treatment pays for itself!

Contact Senate Pest Control to Schedule Your Pest Insulation Assessment

Senate Pest Control has a tailored solution for homeowners in Maryland, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia, allowing them to lower residential utility bills year-round and limit the risk of costly insect infestations. We’d be glad to provide this unique combination of home protection for you!

To learn if our attic insulation is right for you, call us today at 1-800-433-9409 to schedule a free assessment and quote. You can also reach us with our online form.

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