Attic Pest Inspection and Control

Like your residence’s garage, basement or pantry, your attic is an ideal place for pests to find shelter and food. Additionally, the elevated areas of your home might have openings you’re unaware of. Given that you might access your attic only rarely, pests can live there undisturbed for months and use it as a breeding ground. This issue is bad enough on its own, but over time, those bugs and critters may travel from the attic to other living spaces, introducing bacteria, allergens and related health risks.

Homeowners in the Maryland and northern Virginia area know exactly who to call for attic inspection — Senate Pest Control, a family-oriented company with decades of expertise dealing with insects and wildlife.

Which Pests Could Inhabit Your Attic?

Often, seasonal changes will cause insects and animals to find warmer shelters like your attic. Unexplained noises, foul smells or ceiling stains could be from several varieties of pest. Here are a few common attic-dwellers:

  • Rodents: Small rodents like the house mouse and roof rat are dirty disease-carriers. They can also chew through electric cables and create a fire risk. You might hear their nocturnal movements or squeaks overhead as they move about.
  • Termites: Your attic likely has an abundance of wood for a termite colony to feast upon, which will eventually cause leaks and structural damage. Termites can be the pest you’re least aware of until it’s too late.
  • Squirrels: Excellent climbers, squirrels cause many of the same damages as mice and rats while nesting in your attic insulation, and they also gnaw away wood. Listen for their daytime scurrying.
  • Birds: A variety of birds can nest in an attic, often pigeons, starlings or sparrows. Their droppings attract all kinds of pesky insects looking for food. Signs of a bird infestation include flapping sounds and squawking.
  • Raccoons: These are your prime rabies carriers. Raccoons are clever at gaining access through vents and gaps in the eaves, or even tearing shingles away and creating new entry points for more creatures. You’ll often hear a raccoon’s movements after dusk.

Senate Pest Control’s Attic Inspection Services

Though your curiosity could have you check your loft, it might endanger you or lead to an unpleasant surprise. It’s better to call a professional and leave the investigation to someone trained in critter control.

One of our experienced technicians will enter the attic and look for evidence of droppings, damage or nesting. We’ll then identify the pest and develop a customized treatment solution if there’s an ongoing problem. 

Attic inspection also entails a check throughout the exterior, examining the roof, fascia and shingles for vulnerabilities. In many cases, we’ll provide exclusion techniques to patch up these entry points and give recommendations for preventing future infestations. Our methods are affordable, humane and effective, and all backed by our pest-free guarantee.

Schedule a Professional Attic Inspection for Pests Today

We won’t let disruptive sounds and damages to your home pester you any longer. Ask for our attic pest removal service and we’ll be glad to offer you a free quote! Scheduling your visit from a Senate Pest Control technician is highly flexible — we even do weekends and evenings.

For more information or to create your appointment, call us at 1-800-433-9409 or fill out an online form.

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