Bugs in the Attic


Attics and crawl spaces are notorious for harboring pests, especially during the colder months. It’s common to find bugs in attic insulation, corners, and crevices, where they’re protected from outside elements and frequent human activity. Bugs found in attics can include bees, cluster flies, bed bugs, termites, and spiders—and any insect in your area that seeks warmth and cover year-round.

Common Bugs Found in Attics

Bugs are always searching for warm, safe places to hide. Since most homeowners don’t go into their attics and crawl spaces on a daily or even weekly basis, insects can make their homes in these places relatively undisturbed. Some of the most common bugs in attic insulation and crevices include:

  • Cluster flies, which are characterized by flying in swarms to thwart predators
  • Termites, which can cause serious damage to wooden structures
  • Bees and other stinger insects that are attracted to warm and dry places
  • Bed bugs and mites, which are often found in attic insulation
  • Moths, which like to burrow in stored clothing
  • Silverfish, which can damage your belongings over time

However, almost any bug common to your area can show up in your attic if it has access through gaps and cracks in your home.

Signs of Bugs in the Attic

The most obvious sign of bugs living in your attic is seeing live or dead bugs when you enter. And if you see bugs on the upper level of your home, it’s a good indicator that they could be coming from your attic.

Here are some common signs that your attic may be home to creepy crawlies:

  • You see tiny fecal spots and pepper-like insect droppings in your attic
  • Your attic’s wooden structures have been chewed, or you see termite tubes
  • You see wings and other insect body parts
  • You see a nest or hive
  • Your stored fabrics and papers are damaged
  • You hear a low humming or buzzing noise, which points to a winged insect infestation

When you see signs of an infestation in your attic, you’ll likely need to call a professional pest control service.

How Can I Prevent a Bug Infestation in My Attic?

Since your attic is a warm, dark place with little barrier to the outdoors that you probably don’t frequent, it, unfortunately, attracts a wide range of pests. However, you can lessen your chances of an insect infestation by doing the following:

  • Make sure any cracks and crevices where bugs could possibly enter are insulated.
  • Avoid storing foods, paper, and clothing in your attic. If you must store these items, use sealed plastic containers.
  • Make sure you don’t allow any kind of moisture buildup.
  • Check your attic regularly for any signs of insect activity, moisture, cracks, and other opportunities for bugs in the attic.
  • Keep your attic clean by vacuuming any rugs or carpeted surfaces, sweeping floors, and cleaning up any clutter.

What Do I Do If There Are Bugs in My Attic?

If you have a bug infestation in your attic, reach out to the experts at Senate Termite and Pest Control today by calling 1-800-433-9490 or by filling out our contact form to schedule an appointment.

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