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Senate Termite & Pest Control was founded to provide a fundamental need: Efficient Termite & Pest Solutions for DC, Maryland & Northern Virginia Homeowners. Since 1991, we have grown to service over 20,000 homes in the DMV area. We strive to maintain personal relationships with our customers whom we consider friends.  We offer quality pest control and extermination services throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. We understand that a happy customer is the key to success and will do everything possible to make sure we deliver top-notch pest control services.  Call us today at 1-800-433-9409.

 You have our word to provide you with:

  • Prompt, courteous service – our schedule works around yours.
  • Affordable, flexible solutions to fit any need and every budget.
  • Environmentally-friendly pest treatment options at no extra charge.
  • Trained technicians you can know and trust.
  • Service and quality that meets our standards – and yours.
  • The kind of care you’d expect from a neighbor.

Sometimes the DIY methods with conventional traps and bug spray won’t cut it if you’re handling pest and rodent control yourself. When you’ve decided to hire a pest exterminator, what will it ultimately cost you, and can you be sure you’ll get your money’s worth from the treatment?

At Senate Pest Control, we understand these lingering questions might make you hesitant to sign a service contract with a company without a proven track record. Since 1991, we’ve actively worked to be the most transparent and flexible pest control organization in Maryland and northern Virginia, and we’re always mindful of your budget.

Pest Control Prices

Generally, the more difficult to remedy and widespread a pest problem is, the higher the exterminator’s costs — which is why it’s critical to call for pest control when you first realize an infestation is getting out of hand.

Pest Type

Since pests can range in risk and size from mosquitos to raccoons, the species of critter affects the cost the most. Standard bugs like ants and cockroaches average less to treat, while rodents trend higher.

Bed bugs and termites are notoriously stubborn insects to root out. Multi-step bed bug treatments can cost several hundred dollars per infested room, and clearing the whole structure of a home from termites often exceeds $1,000.

Control Techniques

Preventive treatments and exclusion methods normally cost less than eradicating pest populations through chemicals and fumigation. Baiting or physical removal falls around the middle.


Reaching the pest sometimes adds complexity. Will the technician have to climb a ladder, enter the attic or crawl under your home’s foundation to get to the source of the infestation? Also, will you need any cleanup, sanitation or repairs done?

Larger homes also have more square footage to assess and treat. Unless you’re at a distant, remote location, travel fees typically won’t be added onto a call within a company’s standard service area.

One-Time Treatments vs. Routine Maintenance

Treating an infestation will bundle assessment and control applications, and these treatments sometimes need several follow-up visits to monitor the progress.

If your home has a history of pest issues, you may consider a pest control maintenance plan, which usually costs less for time and supplies per visit. And unlike unplanned infestation treatments, you get to control the frequency.

Our Customizable Pest Control Solutions

Every Senate Pest Control professional aims to work within your needs. We provide free pest control quotes on-site and elaborate on what needs to be done. Our technicians want you to feel as safe as possible, so we provide natural and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional chemicals at your request — and at no extra charge.

Whichever approach is agreed upon, you’ll get our pest-free guarantee. That’s our promise we’ll make the situation right if a pest problem arises between scheduled visits, or our initial treatment wasn’t sufficient.

Contact Senate Pest Control for Affordable, Reliable Extermination Services

Obtaining peace of mind inside your home again shouldn’t empty your savings. We’re committed to serving as your most cost-effective option in the area for pest control treatments, and our personally tailored maintenance plans provide ongoing protection against new issues.

We invite you to learn more about our services and see why many DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia homeowners review the Senate standard of quality so highly. To schedule your appointment with a technician and get a comprehensive pest control quote, complete our online form or call us at 1-800-433-9409 today!

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Senate Termite & Pest Control was founded to provide a fundamental need: Efficient Termite & Pest Solutions for Maryland & Northern Virginia Homeowners.

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