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When you notice a pest problem as a homeowner, don’t risk the safety and integrity of your home and family by trying to handle all pest control yourself. Even organic insecticides are harmful and dangerous if not handled and applied properly. For instance, special care must always be taken to prevent contamination of water sources. It takes training and experience to be aware of and mitigate the potential dangers of practicing pest control.

Do your kids play in your yard? How about your pets? At Senate Termite & Pest Control, we want them to be safe. While DIY solutions might be popular, nothing compares to the skill and expertise of a trained professional.

When Should You Call an Exterminator?

Start by being your own investigator around your home, particularly as the seasons change and pests search for new shelters and sources of food. Be on the lookout for:

  • Waste: Droppings and urine stains in cabinetry, on carpet or under furniture
  • Damages: Gnawing and tunneling marks, particularly to wooden decks and log piles outside, or wall trim and furniture legs indoors
  • Nests: Scraps of shredded material tucked close to walls
  • Odors: A rotting smell that might mean a dead pest is in the walls or under the floor — cockroaches and bed bugs also give off a musty, moldy and damp odor
  • Noises: Unexplained scurrying and scratching at night from the walls, floor or attic.

We share your goals: we strive to provide the least toxic pest control programs possible. But be careful – there is a growing internet presence of overly zealous “Do It Yourself” organic pest control advocates. While totally organic DIY pest control methods can be great for gardening and other endeavors, they can also be inadequate when it comes to protecting your most valuable assets, such as your home and family.

What Pests Do We Address?

We have well over two decades of experience in critter control services, and we’ve dealt with every size and manner of infestation. In addition to helping prevent termites from weakening your home, we at Senate Termite Control offer pest control services for a variety of other common pests: antsbed bugscockroaches and rodents, just to name a few. We also eliminate clusters of disease-carrying mosquitoes on your property and exclude bothersome wildlife that can tear up your perimeter and lawn.

Positive identification is key to dealing with a certain pest species correctly. For example, termites and ants look similar but require different treatment approaches. We also know that every home is different, which is why we offer customized solutions to fit your pest control needs. Our certified technicians can make a sure diagnosis and create the most effective extermination plan.

Ant Control

Ant Exterminators and Pest Control Services- MarylandOnce an infestation is suspected, we have a number of service options for ant control. We can inspect your home, locate the nest, treat for the infestation, and even help with moisture control if necessary. Whether we employ traditional treatment methods or our Eco-Friendly Green Service, Senate Termite Control is well qualified to help you solve your ant problems. As with all of our services, we customize a treatment plan to meet your specific needs.

Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Exterminators and Pest Control in Maryland and Northern VirginiaSenate Termite and Pest Control is leading the way in affordable Bed Bug extermination. Our multi-step process uses a wide variety of effective products and techniques to help quickly solve your Bed Bug problems without breaking the bank.

Cockroach Control

Cockroach Pest Control Services- Exterminators in MarylandBecause cockroaches contaminate food, secrete an unpleasant odor and cause respiratory irritation, they are considered by most homeowners and entomologists to be one of the worst household pests!

Rodent Control

Rodents- Pest Control Services in Maryland and Northern VirginiaBoth mice and rats are public health pests and are known to harbor and transmit many diseases such as Murine Typhus, Leptospirosis, Rickettsialpox, Rat Bite Fever, Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis, Salmonella and Plague have all been associated with rodents.

Termite Control

Termite Control Exterminator Services in Northern Virginia and MarylandTermite control is crucial for homeowners in the MD/DC/VA area. Each year termites cost homeowners an estimated $5 billion in termite damage. That’s more than floods, fires, and hurricanes combined. Termites typically feed on unseen portions of the home, often unbeknownst to the homeowner until it’s too late.

Why Choose Senate Pest Control Services for Your Home?

What makes us your top choice for pest removal in Maryland, northern Virginia and Washington D.C.?:

  • Flexible appointments: We know scheduling can be hectic. That’s why you can request a visit during our evening hours, or on weekends, too. We’ll arrive promptly and provide timely service to leave little impact on your daily life.
  • Budget-friendly options: We’ll fit your needs and generate the most affordable plan for you.
  • Professional, courteous technicians: We set high service standards for our experts and form lasting relationships with our customers. It’s your home and sanctuary — and we do everything to treat it with respect.
  • Environmentally safe methods: Above all, we want you to feel comfortable with the chemicals we use in your home. Our eco-friendly methods are available at no additional cost!
  • Maintenance plans: We recommend our monthly pest control services, or any routine interval you feel is best, to limit new pest problems around your home.

Our reviews show what sets us apart from other home pest control services in the region. We’ve received the Elite Service Award from Home Advisor and the highest grade from the Better Business Bureau.

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Senate Termite & Pest Control is here to serve MD and upper VA homeowners like you. With our pest-free warranties backing all services, we’ll help secure peace of mind inside your residence again.

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When you work with Senate Termite & Pest Control, you can expect to receive:

  • Prompt, courteous service – our schedule works around yours.
  • Affordable, flexible solutions to fit any need and every budget.
  • Environmentally-friendly treatment options at no extra charge.
  • Trained technicians you can know and trust.
  • Service and quality that meets our standards – and yours.
  • The kind of care you’d expect from a neighbor.

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