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Ants are among the most common pests homeowners face every year. Luckily, a single ant doesn’t transmit disease or pose severe health risks, but these industrious little insects can infest your pantry and contaminate food by the hundreds or thousands. Carpenter ants are a particularly destructive variety that will tunnel right through the wooden structure of your home, weakening it and making your residence susceptible to costly damage.

At Senate Pest Control, we’ve dealt with large ant colonies of different ant species found throughout Maryland, northern Virginia and the Washington DC region (DMV). Before these tiny creatures become an ant infestation in your home, call us for an ant control inspection to get rid of ants right away.

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Ant Control Inspections and Signs of Infestation

If you’re wondering what a residential exterminator does for ant removal, it begins with an examination of your property. One of our trained technicians will arrive to investigate for entry points and where the colony comes and goes. This procedure also lets us correctly identify the ant variety, since different species have different habits and hiding spots that require a unique approach to each.

Use these signs to investigate for a potential ant colony around your house:

  • Wood shavings: After carpenter ants hollow out their tunnels, you might see dusty debris around your foundation, between walls or underneath furniture.
  • Stray ants: Sometimes you can follow worker ants back to their nest site. However, when the trail disappears into a wall or other crevice, you’ll often need an expert to root the pests out.
  • Strange smells: Odorous ants are a common species that gives off a stench like a rotten coconut fruit when frightened or crushed.
  • Standing water: Ants will look for liquid puddling around your garden hose, bathroom or basement.
  • Pet food raiders: While ants prefer many of the same foods we do, like starches, meats and sugar, these pests can also visit wet or dry food left in a pet’s bowl.
  • Dead ants: Along baseboards, interior windowsills, crawl spaces and within attics, the dead ants you find could be workers that got lost returning to the colony.

Customized Solutions for Ant Control and Prevention

Once an infestation is suspected, we have a number of service options for carpenter ant control. We can inspect your home, locate the nest, treat for the infestation and even help with moisture control if necessary. Our low-toxicity ant extermination techniques are pet-friendly and harmless to your loved ones. In addition to humane exclusion methods, ask about how we can utilize natural ant prevention methods that are certified environmentally safe and available at no additional charge to you. 

Whether we employ traditional treatment methods or our Eco-Friendly Green Service, Senate Termite Control is well qualified to help you solve your carpenter ant problem. As with all of our services, we customize a treatment plan to meet your specific needs and budget. Also, our company’s pest-free warranty guarantees the job isn’t complete until you’re satisfied with our results. We have flexible appointments available, even during weekends and evenings for your convenience.

Preventing Ant Infestations at Home

Prevention is obviously the best method of controlling carpenter ants, or any variety for that matter. There are several steps you can take to help prevent carpenter ants from nesting in or near your home:

  • Keep food sources in tightly sealed containers and clean up crumbs on floors and countertops.
  • Do not store firewood near your house. Keep it as far away from your structure as is feasible.
  • Remove tree stumps, dead shrubs and overhanging limbs from your yard.
  • Perform routine inspections of your home and repair any elements damaged by moisture, such as beams, joists and studs.
  • Patch up leaky taps and pipes that create other moisture sources for ants.


Ants are one of the most common household pests. If you have an ant problem, there are most likely hundreds nearby in colonies. Typically found in the kitchen, these insects are attracted to strong fragrances. Sweet foods on your countertops can give off strong odors and attract ants.

To prevent an ant invasion, keep your kitchen floors, stovetop and counters clean. Wipe down countertops after cooking or eating and clean up floors immediately after a spill. Ants are sensitive to smell and act on any opportunity to obtain food, so stay alert while in the kitchen.

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Not every ant you spot is a sign of a full-scale siege indoors, but when you want to be sure, Senate Pest Control is here to help. Receive your free service quote or schedule your appointment by sending a message online or calling us at 1-800-433-9409.


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