Rodent Control Services

  • Rodents are small, furry and often frightened of you, but you may be surprised how dangerous they are to people and the home:

    • Rodents are responsible for the contamination and destruction of 1/3 of the world’s food supply.
    • They are also carriers of many diseases that can be transmitted through their urine and feces, including Salmonella, Leptospirosis, Murine Typhus and plague. Additionally, rodents are estimated to be the cause of approximately 25% of “undetermined” structure fires since they gnaw on wires.
    • Rodent control has been credited as one of the top 3 reasons that the average human life expectancy has increased throughout the years.

    When you realize you have rodents in the home, you should eliminate the risks as soon as possible — call the experts at Senate Pest Control.

Rodent control

Rodent Inspection Services 

A pest control professional can positively identify the presence of a mouse, rat or other creature around your residence and deal with the problem effectively. As a homeowner, you can also be on the lookout for these signs to know when to contact Senate Pest Control:

  • Droppings or urine: Stains from rodent excrement can appear in drawers, cupboards, pantries and underneath furniture.
  • Stale or foul odors: A rotting smell could be a dead rodent that was trapped in your walls or insulation.
  • Nests: A family of rodents will make a home out of paper scraps, plant matter and other dry rubbish.
  • Greasy, oily marks and tracks along rodent runways: Mice and rats dislike moving around in the open and hug close to walls and furniture. Look for their scurrying patterns around narrow spaces and holes.
  • Chew marks and other damage: Rodents wear down their teeth on wood, wall corners and wires, or even through bags of grain or pet food.
  • Spotting a live rodent: Investigating that scratching noise at night may lead to an unwelcome surprise. Don’t try to corner a mouse or rat in the rare case it may bite in self-defense.

Effective Solutions to Rodent Control

Our knowledgeable technicians use the most reliable techniques available for rodent pest control. When we arrive at your residence, we start with a close inspection to determine what species of critter you’re dealing with and where the pests could be getting in.

Based on the severity of the problem, we create an affordable, customized plan for your home. We pride ourselves on the use of safe rodent treatments that won’t impact your family or pets, with certified eco-friendly methods available by request at no extra cost. Our rodent removal services are humane — where possible, we put down locking bait stations to take the population out of your home.

Senate Pest Control does more than get rid of the rodents on the inside. We’re keen on keeping them out for good, identifying any small entry points from your basement to your roofing. Patching up these openings is the key to stopping new guests from sneaking in. With our pest-free warranty, our job isn’t done until you’re satisfied and back in control of your home.

How to Prevent Rodent Infestations

A few words of advice to lessen rodent presence around your home include:

  • Reducing low lying plants and overgrown grass reduces pest pressures. 
  • Wood piles and debris may also provide harborage. Wood piles should be moved away from the home, and debris should be discarded.
  • Birds feeding at bird feeders often spill seed, which attracts rodents. Switching to block style bird seeds or removing feeders will reduce rodent food sources. 
  • Standing water around homes should be eliminated, especially with rats as they require it to drink daily. 
  • Sealing of gaps and installation of effective door sweeps will further reduce the likelihood of pest entry.

Rely on Senate Pest Control to Remove Your Rodent Problem

Mice and rats are clever creatures, but you have the expertise of a Senate Pest Control technician to outsmart them for you. We’ve been providing rodent control services for Maryland, northern Virginia and D.C. homeowners since 1991. Our members will get to know you and understand your concerns, and if you have a busy schedule, we can fit in evening and weekend appointments at your convenience.

We look forward to helping rid your home of rodents! Please contact our trained pest control team online or by phone at 1-800-433-9409.

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