Mouse and Rat Removal Services

Mice are common pests that cause headaches for homeowners any time of year. If they’re not leaving messes to clean up or making your pets antsy, a single mouse can carry numerous diseases through bites and contaminate stored food on contact. Floating particles from their fecal matter also induce allergies and illness in humans.

A house mouse can squeeze through openings as small as a dime, while rats can use a hole as narrow as a half-dollar. They only need one gap inside to become a long-term nuisance. If you’re a homeowner in MD, VA or DC and suspect rodent trouble, consider enlisting the mice exterminator services of Senate Pest Control.

Rodent Control and Mice Exterminators in Maryland and Northern Virginia

Inspection Services for Mice and Rats

In our region, we see increased mouse and rat activity shifting indoors as the seasons cool and these critters search for cozy, predator-free shelters. During warmer weather, however, they’ll still hunt for new food sources. Here are the signs that suggest you should call a pest control professional, and what our professionals look for during inspections:

  • Droppings or urine in cabinetry, drawers or closets
  • Chew marks on wood furniture and wall corners or through packaging and wires
  • Nesting materials, like clumps of paper, vegetation and debris
  • Grease marks and tracks along walls
  • Scuffling or squeaking noises at night
  • Unpleasant odors, sometimes from a family of rodents or a deceased critter in the walls, floor or ceiling

Customized Solutions for Mouse and Rat Control

With every visit, a Senate Pest Control professional will identify any new entry points around the home and the possible species using them. We create a flexible plan and account for your needs and budget. In addition to baiting, our live trapping is a preferred, humane method. We have similar natural and organic techniques to introduce as few volatile chemicals as possible into your home — and the products we use are certified safe for your family and animals.

Our technicians commit to our pest-free guarantee, which means they won’t quit until the infestation is removed for good.

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Preventing Mouse and Rat Infestation

Use this advice to reduce the chance of welcoming unwanted furry guests:

  • Seal gaps around windows, doors, vents and roofs, and fill wall crevices both indoors and out.
  • Store food for people and pets in tightly sealed containers, preferably those made of metal.
  • Limit food and drink for rodents by removing sources of standing water around your home’s perimeter, closing trash containers tight and checking your bird feeder for spilled seeds.
  • Clean up the debris that serves as nesting material, particularly in the garage, garden or basement.
  • Move woodpiles away from the exterior of the home — about 20 feet or more.

Mouse in the House? Call Senate Pest Control!

When you need mice and rats removed quickly and efficiently, our proven services are just a call or click away. Senate Pest Control works within your schedule to make an appointment, with times available during weekends and evenings. Let a knowledgeable team member build you a free quote today!

To request a visit, call 1-800-433-9409 or complete an online form.

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