Bed Bug Treatment Services

Bed bugs feed on human blood, and while they aren’t known to transmit disease, they cause an irritating itch and may result in dry skin and infections. These nocturnal insects can go for months without feeding when fully mature, and females can lay several eggs a day. Between their longevity and rapid reproduction, bed bugs can be difficult to remove completely.

At Senate Pest Control, we know there are two equally frustrating things you think of with bed bugs: how they got there, and how you’re going to get rid of them. Our trained technicians will solve your issue in a diligent, professional manner.

Bed bug pest control

Bed Bug Identification and Inspection Services

  • Check the skin: Bites from bed bugs appear as tiny red welts, commonly in a zigzag pattern.
  • Check common hiding spaces: Bed bugs may live under your sheets or tuck themselves within seams of the box spring. They also can crawl under the bed itself, beneath dressers or inside wall crevices.
  • Check for remains and excrement: Bedsheets may have bloodstains from crushed bed bugs, or dark spots about the size of a period from their droppings.
  • Check their appearance: Bed bugs are often confused for other pests. Newly hatched bed bugs are smaller than a grain of rice and white in color, while adults are flat, brownish and oval-shaped.

If you think you have a bed bug problem, the first thing is not to panic. People have burned down homes trying to get rid of these blood suckers. Second, make sure you actually have Bed Bugs. Our staff Associate Certified Entomologist will gladly identify your bug. All it takes is a clear picture emailed to Third, do not make the problem worse by ‘bombing’ and spraying harsh chemicals found at your local hardware store. This will only make our Bed Bug exterminators’ job more difficult. 

The final and most important step is to call Senate Termite and Pest Control. Our staff of professionals will provide you a thorough multi-step program designed around your budget and level of infestation.

Reliable, Safe Solutions to Bed Bug Control

Senate Termite and Pest Control is leading the way in affordable Bed Bug extermination. Our multi-step process uses a wide variety of effective products and techniques to help quickly solve your Bed Bug problems without breaking the bank.

As we mentioned, harsh chemical sprays are the last thing you should try applying yourself, especially since this only increases harmful exposure for your family with repeated treatments. Senate Pest Control uses a combination of non-chemical methods as part of our bed bug infestation treatments, including steam and heat, entrapment and exclusion. We understand how to protect the members of your home, and we specialize in using environmentally friendly compounds where needed.

We can visit on weekday evenings and weekends to cause minimal disruption to your daily schedule. No DIY technique is foolproof, and the safest and surest way you can eliminate an infestation is by calling a bed bug pest control company. You have our guarantee under our pest-free warranty — we follow up as many times as necessary to do a thorough job.

How to Prevent Bed Bug Infestations

  • Bed bugs can travel home with you from public places, so check your skin, clothing and luggage if you’ve slept in a rented room while abroad.
  • Remove as much clutter and furniture as you can from a room you know has bed bugs within it, but be careful of transferring the pests to other spaces.
  • Encase your mattress and box spring in a protective covering to trap bed bugs.
  • Don’t just toss your mattress or box spring to the curb! The bed bugs may fall off on the way outside and spread to new rooms, and someone who sees the item and decides to grab it might take the infestation home with them.

Call Senate Pest Control for Guaranteed Bed Bug Extermination

Across Maryland, northern Virginia and the Washington D.C. area, we’ve met many homeowners who have struggled to clear out bed bugs by themselves. We’ve finished just as many projects with satisfied customers, so let our experts step in and secure your peace of mind.

Schedule a visit and take back your home by messaging us online or calling 1-800-433-9409.

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