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When you need professional pest control, trust influences the company you select. You want to be sure of what gets sprayed, sprinkled, or set down on your property. If you have children or animals to safeguard, avoiding risky or volatile chemicals is a natural choice. The knowledgeable team at Senate Pest Control works to ease your concerns and provide organic alternatives to tackling bug problems.

As protectors of homes and families, we feel it is also very important to protect the environment by using as many natural pest control and organic pest control options as possible. In addition to our standard pest control services, we offer programs designed to be “low-impact.” These programs can be customized to work within a particular customer’s threshold for chemicals and pests.

Today, more homeowners are turning to experts for natural and organic pest control methods. Should you? We’d be happy to discuss your options and give you the reassurance you expect.

What Are Natural Pest Control Solutions?

“Natural” and “organic” pest control means the ingredients are derived from naturally occurring sources. Artificially made chemicals are left out in favor of plant-based compounds. In many cases, these applied products are biodegradable and pose no environmental hazards to water sources, your lawn, or other residents in the home. Safe for young family members and pets too, organic pest control offers you more comfort in your living environment.

Purely natural pest control, using organisms such as nematodes, parasites, and fungus, has yet to be proven effective enough for real-world applications. Fortunately, we are able to prevent and correct many pest problems with minimal chemical pesticide application. We can use a variety of mechanical methods for natural pest control, including exclusion techniques and trapping. We also use insect-specific baits. We can integrate green pest control options using numerous botanical-based insecticides.

Even with their low toxicity levels, natural pest control solutions perform just as well at repelling and killing pests. They’re also much more practical than DIY methods. Our organic extermination services are guaranteed to be effective and backed by our pest-free warranty. That means if the pests somehow return, so will we — until the job is complete.

Benefits of Organic Pest Control

When you choose organic pest control over other conventional methods, you’ll benefit from:

  • Low odor: Some chemicals used in traditional pest control leave a lingering smell for hours, sometimes days. Even when the pests are dealt with, that odor can be a continued disruption to your day. We use organic pest treatments without the harsh bug spray stench.
  • Low-toxicity methods: As an Authorized Operator for the Advance Termite Baiting System, a low-toxicity method of treating and monitoring for termites, we offer an environmentally responsible termite elimination plan for your home or business. We offer similarly responsible plans to control other common pests.
  • No staining: With natural methods, homeowners won’t have to worry about a treatment discoloring their floors, walls, ceilings, or furniture where it’s sprayed.
  • Less irritation to family members: Protecting your loved ones with respiratory issues like asthma and allergies is critical to us. Nobody will have to leave the house for a span while the technician works with an organic treatment.
  • Eco-conscious: Natural pest control is naturally green, limiting the chance of contamination to your environment. These treatments are safe for grasses and gardens alike.
  • No additional cost: At Senate Pest Control, we believe being responsible for pest treatments shouldn’t be cost-prohibitive. When you request our organic control methods, we’ll implement them without changing your quote.

Contact Senate Pest Control and Ask for Our Available Organic and Natural Techniques

For the most peace of mind after a green pest control treatment, reach out to a leading natural exterminator company in Maryland, D.C., and northern Virginia. A Senate Pest Control technician can visit when it’s convenient for your schedule, including on weekends or evenings, or routinely as part of a pest control maintenance plan.

To schedule your appointment or learn more about our techniques, send a message online or call 1-240-221-5475 today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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